CannaCrispy - Your Favorite Snack, Elevated

About CannaCrispy

Experience a delightful twist on a classic favorite with our CannaCrispy treats. Each bite-sized delight is a journey into a world of flavor and sensation, masterfully blending the nostalgic taste of a rice crispy treat with the beneficial properties of cannabis. We utilize high-quality cannabis distillate to infuse our products, ensuring a clean, pure experience.

Authentic Flavors and Varieties

At Better Edibles, we believe in authenticity. That's why our CannaCrispy treats use real, high-quality ingredients for our flavors:

Original: The classic flavor that started it all.

Fruity: Made with real Fruity Pebbles cereal, offering a burst of fruitiness in every bite.

Chocolate: Infused with Ghirardelli cocoa powder for a smooth and creamy finish.

Cookies & Cream: Incorporates real Oreo cookies for that authentic cookies and cream taste.

Peanut Butter & Chocolate: Features real Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, delivering a perfect balance of peanut butter and chocolate.

Strawberry: Each piece is coated with freeze-dried strawberry powder. With more than a whole strawberry in every piece, it's a real fruit experience like no other.

Beyond flavor, you can also select the cannabis strain that suits your preferences:

Hybrid: Our hybrid option provides a balanced experience, infused with a pure distillate that maintains the integrity of the cannabinoids while removing all terpenes.

Sativa - Super Sour Diesel: For those seeking a more uplifting experience, our Sativa variety uses Super Sour Diesel, a renowned strain known for its energizing effects. We reintroduce botanical terpenes to the distillate for a full-flavored experience.

Indica - Watermelon Zkittles: If relaxation is your goal, choose our Indica variety. Infused with the Watermelon Zkittles strain, this option delivers a soothing effect, perfect for unwinding.

Crafted with Care

At Better Edibles, quality and safety are our top priorities. Each CannaCrispy treat is meticulously crafted in our Oregon facility, using only the highest quality ingredients and distillate. We pay close attention to every step of the process, from selecting the finest cannabis to ensuring the perfect balance of flavors in each treat.

Enjoy Responsibly

As with all cannabis products, we encourage you to enjoy CannaCrispy responsibly. Start with a small amount, and allow ample time to experience the effects before consuming more. If you're new to cannabis edibles or have any questions, be sure to check out our FAQ page for more information.

Where to Find CannaCrispy

Better Edibles products, including our delightful CannaCrispy treats, are available exclusively at select high-quality dispensaries. We trust these partners to provide you with the best possible experience when purchasing and enjoying our products.